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Carrier’s Fan Coil Units are designed to offer outstanding performance paired with minimal energy consumption. Our range includes compact ducted units, floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted cassette systems. Combined heating and cooling functionality makes interior climate control quick and easy.
Each model in our Fan Coil Unit range is hardwearing and ideal for use in many different applications. Whether it’s commercial buildings including offices to residential or commercial use, there’s a Carrier Fan Coil Unit for the job.
Floor-mounted units are an excellent option for those who require a more portable solution. Alternatively, ceiling models provide exceptional performance and allow users to control air conditions on a room-by-room basis.
Every Carrier Fan Coil Unit is constructed using only high-quality components. In addition, installations are straightforward with minimal disruption and environmental impact.
To discuss our systems or get advice on which would work best for your facility, please contact the Carrier team today.

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