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Weston General Hospital Selects Carrier Chillers with Super Enviro-Shield ® Condenser Protection

Carrier has supplied a high-performance Aquasnap® air-cooled chiller equipped with Super Enviro-Shield® condenser protection to Weston General Hospital. The chiller, installed by RTS Engineering Somerset Ltd, features Carrier’s Super Enviro-Shield condenser coating, an extremely durable and flexible epoxy coating applied over all coil surfaces to completely isolate the metal and protect the all-aluminum heat exchangers from corrosion in the coastal climate.

A reliable chilled water supply is critical to the hospital’s operating theatres, and according to the client and consultant Houghton Greenlees & Associates Ltd, the prior system had suffered chilled water delivery problems in the past. Following installation of the new replacement Carrier Aquasnap 30RBP 520 chiller, they report that these issues have been resolved.

In addition to innovative features like Enviro-Shield, the client chose the Carrier chiller for its potential cost-savings and efficiency benefits. As part of consultations, RTS Engineering Somerset Ltd organised a site visit for the end user to Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) to see an installation of similar Carrier chillers at the site.

Kevin Shorthouse, director of RTS Engineering Somerset Ltd, said: “The client was able to speak to building services managers at BRI, and learn first-hand about how the chillers operate, their performance and excellent efficiency and reliability record. It was very valuable and helped support the client’s decision to go with the Carrier solution.”

He added: “The business relationship we have built up with Carrier over a number of years is excellent, and was critical to winning the project. As a family company operating in the South West, this was a major project and a significant opportunity for us. The back-up we received from Carrier’s Russ Tyrrell and the wider team, in terms of both technical support and logistics, has been outstanding.”

The new system was designed to integrate with existing building services, including multiple distribution circuits, and to cater for future expansion. In addition to supplying the hospital’s operating theatres, the chiller provides chilled water to air handling units and fan coil units serving other parts of the building.

The Aquasnap 30RBP 520 chiller uses the latest micro-channel condenser coils, enabling a 40 percent reduction in the amount of refrigerant used in the chiller, and an approximately 10percent improvement in energy efficiency compared with a traditional coil. The slim design also reduces air pressure losses by 50 percent, which makes it less susceptible to fouling.

Importantly, the chiller has three separate refrigerant circuits, giving great resilience for use in critical applications such as hospitals; in the unlikely event of one circuit going out of operation, it can continue to deliver up to 66 percent of cooling capacity.

RTS Engineering Somerset has installed nine Carrier chillers in recent years, in projects as diverse as arts theatres and a regional eye medical centre.

The high-performance Carrier Aquasnap® air-cooled chiller equipped with Super Enviro-Shield® condenser protection installed at Weston General Hospital.



Weston General Hospital 

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