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The primary human software interface to the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). Designed to run on any PC utilising the Microsoft Windows 2000 professional, XP professional operating systems.

  • The primary human interface to the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN).
  • Designed to run on any PC utilising the Microsoft“ Windows 2000 Professional or Server operating system, or the Windows XP Professional operating system.
  • Provides an environment to perform the following tasks:
    • Display dynamic data in text and graphic modes
    • Create dynamic trend plots of data from one or multiple controllers
    • View, print, and acknowledge alarms from the network
    • Configure operating parameters such as time schedules, set-points, and point configuration
    • View and configure time and set-point schedules in graphic and text mode
    • Download and upload data to and from controllers
    • Override the state or value of selected input and output points
    • Customise graphics and create custom links between graphics
    • Generate reports from system data/operator activity
    • Create custom WorkSPACEs for each user
    • Easily backup all database information to disk
    • Obtain on-line operator help
    • Custom programming (BEST++)
  • True System multitasking
  • Local Area Network – allows multiple workstations to share a common system database.
  • Remote Communications – allows access to remote ComfortVIEW databases.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – provides a consistent look and intuitive operation.
  • Customised Access Levels
  • Export data into other application software.
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).
  • Time and set-point schedule DLL allows third parties access to CCN time and set-point schedules.
  • CCN to Ethernet support provides for flexible location of the ComfortVIEW computer.
  • Organise and view data in a convenient format and to create your own custom data displays.
  • Alarm processing is the automatic and full-time responsibility of ComfortVIEW. Receives, announces, and stores prioritised alarms.
  • The Carrier Network Manager allows you to display, modify, and delete the areas, controllers, and data tables in your ComfortVIEW database.
  • The Reports function is used to generate reports from network and database data.
  • ComfortVIEW report data also allows you to create your own custom reports.

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