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Carrier Air Conditioning provide UK Chillers, Bms System, heating controllers and aircon units

Carrier offers a complete line of network system products that tie multiple stand-alone products together for a fully integrated, self adjusting HVAC system.

Features & Benefits

  • The Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) is the  most advanced technology resulting from Carrier’s thorough knowledge of both comfort and controls. It offers the owner, designer and installer:
    • integrated product and control systems
    • single-point responsibility
    • unique control strategies
    • overall lower installation costs
    • enhanced monitoring capabilities
  • Whilst each equipment component can operate in a stand-alone mode, all components form a fully-integrated and balanced HVAC system when networked with other Carrier equipment through the Carrier Comfort Network. A three-wire cable is all that is required to connect these products:


  • Powerful supervision software package that allows centralised monitoring (local and remote), data collection, report generation and system configuration.
  • Designed to run on most PCs running on Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • Designed for larger scale building management needs with custom graphical representation.

Product-Integrated Controller

  • Factory-installed product with a level of monitoring and diagnostic control that can only be achieved with a factory integrated device.
  • Product-Integrated Controllers are available on chillers, rooftops, air handling units and terminal fan coil units.

Comfort Controller

  • Field-installed device which allows non-Carrier equipment such as boilers, cooling towers and pumps to be controlled and integrated into the overall network.
  • Fully programmable to suit the application need and optimized control strategies.

System Managers

  • Carrier offers a complete line of network system products that tie multiple stand-alone products together for a fully integrated, self-adjusting HVAC system.
  • Example : Chillervisor System Manager (CSM III) for chiller plant control.

Network Options

  • Cover the essential elements of a Building Management System providing diverse facilities such as remote monitoring, collection of performance data, maintenance management and customized reporting capabilities.
  • Performed through individual programs that can be added to the Carrier Comfort Network via individual modules which provide a diverse set of system facilities.
  • The following network options are available:
    • Data Collection
    • Network Bridge
    • Network Directory Services
    • Network Repeater NAM
    • TeLink analogue modem for remote connection

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