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Aquasmart Evolution is a complete hydronic heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system ideal for residential and light commercial applications from offices, commerce to hotels and hospitals. It offers perfect comfort for building occupants whilst optimising economical operation for applications up to 2500 m². Larger installations with multiple systems can be managed and integrated within a single Building Management solution thanks to the new BACnet option capability.

An Aquasmart system consists of up to 128 terminal fan coil units, served by up to two chillers or heat pumps (master-slave), to supply cooling and/or heating to occupied spaces and fresh air handling units. The system manager can fully integrate and control up to eight Carrier fresh air handling units* (39SQ). Each fresh air plant can be associated with specific terminal fan coils and/or zones for optimum building use management with occupancy, controlling and minimising energy use.

Individual schedules can be set up and managed for each and all air treatment plants. The Aquasmart System Manager supplies building information enabling dynamic and precise control of the 39SQ’s night-time free-cooling feature to further reduce building energy consumption.

* If air treatment unit is not supplied by Carrier, integration is limited to control via a digital output for the main fresh-air unit.

  • The Aquasmart Evolution system ensures significant energy savings combined with optimised user comfort by managing building zoning, occupancy and room temperatures in accordance with needs.
  • Terminal fan coil units can be organised in up to 32 zones to optimise building management by zone requirement and according to building design conditions.
  • The Touch Pilot System Manager — the brain and building user interface — was designed to facilitate use and allow rapid access to manage and configure system operation to maximise energy savings at comfort conditions.
  • System components are fitted with communicating controls allowing the System Manager to communicate with and obtain feedback on user needs and operation. Based on the system requirements the System Manager coordinates the system heating and cooling modes for maximum comfort and optimal energy consumption, respecting the comfort parameters and occupancy schedules for the building zones.
  • The Aquasmart system offers affordable building HVAC system management featuring capabilities usually only available in more expensive solutions and requiring additional building-by-building programming development.

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