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The 30KAV Aquaforce Vision Chiller with Greenspeed intelligence is one of a new generation of air-cooled liquid chillers developed by Carrier to deliver high performance and optimal energy consumption in demanding industrial and commercial applications.

Its combination of outstanding energy efficiency, intelligent controls, connectivity and real-time data access give end users the tools to proactively manage their buildings for optimum occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

The combination of variable speed drives with screw compressors provides exceptional energy efficiency with the inherent stability and wide operating range of positive displacement compression.

The chiller’s wide operating range means the 30KAV can operate in ambient temperatures from -20 to 55 deg C. This is not generally available with variable speed centrifugal compressors.

The chiller range has applications in both new and retrofit projects, and is available with options for free-cooling, partial and full heat recovery and low temperature brine cooling, further extending its efficiency and range of application.

Now Available with R1234ze HFO Refrigerant

  • Energy savings of 25-35% per year compared with conventional chiller technology.
  • Smart energy monitoring, providing users with real-time electrical consumption, cooling output and instantaneous energy efficiency ratios.
  • Completely new inverter-driven Carrier 06Z twin-rotor screw compressors for exceptional efficiency and reliability.
  • Positive displacement compression with wide operating range, and no possibility of surge, ensuring resilience and continuity of cooling.
  • Use of Touch Pilot controls, a new generation of integrated controls, including wireless connectivity for enhanced ease of use and control.
  • Step-less variable speed air-cooled inverter for increased reliability and efficiency.
  • Low noise as a result of an integrated resonator.
  • Inverter-driven motors ensure negligible start-up current and improved power factor, a major benefit in applications with restricted electrical supply with limited headroom.
  • Third generation Novation micro-channel heat exchanger condenser coils in a new ‘W’ configuration, ensuring maximum condensing effect in a compact space.
  • Available with both refrigerant HFC-134a and low GWP HFO-1234ze, ensuring the highest environmental credentials for use in green buildings.
  • Integrated leak indication control algorithms for environmental protect and user assurance.
  • Sixth generation Carrier Flying Bird fan with variable speed AC or EC fan motors for enhanced energy efficiency and low noise.
  • Optional integral variable speed chilled water pumps with constant pressure differential or constant temperature differential control for enhanced efficiency.
  • Compressor enclosure for very low sound level
  • EC fans
  • IP54 Electrical box
  • Protection grilles / Condenser coil lateral V panels
  • Cooler freeze protection provides frost protection down to -20°C without glycol (up to size 0800)
  • Master/Slave configuration – delivered with an additional field installed leaving water sensor
  • Dual low pressure VSD pump hydronic module (up to size 0800)
  • Dual high pressure VSD pump hydronic module (up to size 0800)
  • High energy efficiency
  • Super High energy efficiency+
  • J-Bus / LonTalk® / Bacnet over IP gateway
  • Leak detection system
  • Dual safety valves for EN378/BGVD4
  • Carrier “Enviro-shield” coating for MCHE condenser coils

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