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The AQUAFORCE PUREtec 61XWHZE water-source heat pumps are the premium solution for industrial and commercial heating applications where end users, consultants and building owners require optimal performances, very hot water temperature, environmental solution and maximum reliability.

  • Renewable heat solution able to produce hot water up to 85°C
  • Multiple applications: district heating, space heating, process heating
  • Multiple renewable energy sources: waste heat from data centers, from industry, grey waters, ground source water

Available in three versions:

  • 61XWHLZE for low heat source temperatures
  • 61XWH-ZE for medium heat source temperatures
  • 61XWHHZE for high heat source temperatures



Renewable heat solution

  • Perfect solution for district heating systems
    • Possibility to combine multiple 61XWHZE heat pumps to reach the best efficiency and higher capacities
    • Eligible for financial incentives in many countries
  • Perfect solution for smart cities
  • Perfect solution for process heating and facilities space heating

Low energy consumption

  • Renewable energy source to comply with EU 2020 targets (27% of renewable energy)
  • No need for a gas network
  • Heat pump technology is more efficient and sustainable than any fossil fuel combustion system
  • Great Coefficient Of Performance (COP of 6 or more), with very low carbon impact when compared with traditional boilers
  • The high energy efficiency is reached through twin rotor screw carrier compressor, equipped with a high-efficiency motor and a variable capacity valve that permits exact matching of the heating capacity to the load
  • Flooded multi-pipe heat exchangers for increased heat exchange efficiency
  • electronic expansion device permitting improved utilization of the evaporator heat exchange surface
  • Economizer system

Low sound level

  • Silencers on the compressors discharge line
  • Silencers on the economizer return line
  • Acoustic insulation on the components that are most subjected to radiated noise
  • Specific attenuation possible upon request

Easy and fast installation

  • Just need an electrical connection and a water source
  • Compact design
  • Simplified electrical connections
  • Simplified hydraulic connections
  • Fast commissioning

Environmental care

  • PUREtec™ R-1234ze long-term refrigerant solution
  • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit

High reliability and easy servicing

  • Increased global performance as well as Carrier’s acclaimed product quality and reliability
  • Major components are selected and tested with R-1234ze refrigerant to minimize failures possibility, as well as many design choices have been taken in this perspective
  • Industrial-type screw compressors with oversize bearings and motor cooled by suction gas
  • Compressor components easily accessible on site minimizing down-time
  • One or two independent refrigerant circuits, the second automatically takes over if the first one develops a fault
  • Electronic paddle-free flow switch. Auto-setting according to cooler size and fluide type
  • Auto-adaptive control
  • Exceptional endurance tests

Safe design Carrier

  • Specific compressor gaskets compatible with HFO-1234ze, tested and validated
  • New relief valves designed for operation with HFO-1234ze and high temperature
  • Specific electrical box with increased tightness and integrated blower that maintains positive air pressure to avoid any risk of ignition
  • New control algorithms

06T twin-rotor screw compressor

  • Equipped with bearings with oversized rollers, oil pressure lubricated for reliable and durable operation, even at maximum load
  • Optimal adjustment of the compressor cooling capacity
  • If a fault occurs, the compressor does not switch off, but continues operation with a reduced capacity (unloaded mode)
  • The silencer in the discharge line considerably reduces discharge gas pulsations for much quieter operation
  • Condenser includes an oil separator that minimizes the amount of oil in circulation in the refrigerant circuit and redirects it to the compressor function

Touch pilot control

  • An intuitive and user-friendly, colored 5″ interface
  • Direct access to the unit’s technical drawings and the main service documents
  • Screen-shots with coincisive and clear information in local languages
  • Complete menu, customized for different users
  • Easy access to the controller box with inclined touch screen mounting to ensure legibility under any lighting conditions
  • Safe operation and unit setting: password protection ensures that unauthorized people cannot modify any advanced parameters
  • Simple and “smart” intelligence uses data collection from the constant monitoring of all machine parameters to optimize unit operation
  • Energy management

Remote management (standard)

  • Easily accessed from the internet
  • Remote control quick and easy
  • Optional communication gateways
  • Equipped with an RS485 serial port that offers multiple remote control, monitoring and diagnostic possibilities
  • Commands/Visualizations:
    • Condenser pumps control
    • Start/Stop of the machine
    • Dual set-point management
    • Demand limit setting
    • Operation visualization
    • Alarm visualization

Remote management (Energy Management option)

  • Room temperature
  • Set-point reset
  • Demand limit, permits limitation of the maximum heat pump power
  • Demand limit 1 and 2: closing of these contacts limits the maximum heat pump power or current to two predefined values
  • User safety
  • Time schedule override
  • Out of service
  • Heat pump capacity
  • Alert indication
  • Master/slave
  • Star / delta start
  • Master/slave operation
  • Single power connection point
  • No disconnect switch
  • Lon, J-Bus or BacNet gateway
  • Energy Management Module
  • 7″ user interface
  • Compliance with Swiss regulations
  • Low noise level
  • Welded evaporator connection kit


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