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The 61WG units are new Carrier heat pumps designed for commercial (offices, small hotels, leisure facilities), residential and industrial applications. All units offer a unique combination of high performance and functionality in an exceptionally compact chassis.

  • 61WG optimized for heating
  • Compact design
  • Plug and play approach
  • High efficiency

General description

  • Reduced footprint
  • Scroll compressors and R-410A refrigerant
  • Variable-flow pump
  • Low-noise option (-3dB (A))
  • Stacking of two units for increased capacity (up to size 090)
  • Several communication protocols available: JBus, BacNet, MS/TP, LON
  • Water connection at the top or rear

Optimized for Heating

  • High temperature up to +65 °C
  • Evaporator temperature down to -5 °C
  • Control of the three-way diverter valve for domestic hot water and space heating requirements
  • System approach – the Heating System Manager maximizes the global efficiency of complex systems where the 61WG units are combined with an auxiliary heating source to serve multi-zone space heating and domestic hot water production
  • Compatible with most heating systems, both in new and refurbished buildings and permits domestic hot water production (with a dedicated temperature setpoint)

Adaptability and simple installation

  • Can be provided with several hydraulic module options, both on the evaporator and/or condenser side, with different levels of available pressure and variable or fixed-speed pumps
  • Water side heating reversibility

Compact high-performance product range

  • Small footprint, ideal for refurbished buildings, allows access in very tight plant rooms
  • High SCOP satisfies even the most stringent standards, with a leaving water temperature of up to 65 °C without supplementary system
  • Variable-flow pumps reduce system energy consumption
  • Offers low sound levels, allowing installation in any building type
  • Equipped with the latest generation R410A scroll compressor, optimized for typical operating conditions for water-sourced units

Touch Pilot Junior control

  • Integrated advanced communication features
    • With hydraulic module: water pressure display and water flow calculation
    • Easy and high-speed communication technology over Ethernet (IP) to a building management system
  • User-friendly and intuitive 4.3″ color touch screen user interface
    • Access to multiple parameters
    • Concise and clear information available in local languages
    • Complete menu, customized for different customers
  • Remote management (standard)
  • Easily accessed from the internet
  • Remote control quick and easy
  • Maintenance function (standard)
  • Compulsory Maintenance Reminder – FGAS sealing check
  • Configurable Periodic Maintenance Reminder

Advance control

  • Optimized energy management
    • Patented auto-adaptative algorithm optimizing the condensing pressure at part load to reduce compressor load and ensure perfect supply for the evaporator with liquid refrigerant
    • Set-point reset based on the outside air temperature or the return water temperature
    • Master/slave control of two heat pumps operating in parallel
    • Two independent time schedules to control
    • Unit start/stop
    • Operation at a second chiller-water set-point
  • Total unit protection
    • Patented auto-adaptative algorithm controls compressor operation and permanently adapts to the system characteristics
    • Controller permanently analyzes the compressor suction and discharge pressures and temperatures
  • Remote control
    • Start/Stop of the machine
    • Dual set-point management
    • Demand limit
    • Operation indication
    • Alarm indication
  • Remote management
    • Multiple remote control, monitoring and diagnostic possibilities
    • Optional communication gateways
  • Options

    • Low noise level
    • Very low noise level
    • Hydraulic module with choice of pump
    • Expansion tank
    • Lon, J-Bus or BacNet gateway
    • Master/slave operation
    • Main disconnect switch without fuse
    • Soft Starter
    • Compliance with Russian regulations
    • Welded exchangers connection kit
    • Unit stackable for operation
    • Water connection at the top


    • Heating System Manager type A: controls one heat emitter type with an auxiliary electric heater or boiler
    • Heating System Manager type B: controls two heat emitter types and domestic hot water production with an auxiliary electric heater or boiler
    • Heating System Manager type C: controls two heat emitter types and domestic hot water production with a district heating network as auxiliary source

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