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The 61WG units are new Carrier chillers and heat pumps designed for commercial offices.

  • Eleven sizes with nominal heating capacities from 29 to 117 kW.
  • Aquasnap heat pumps designed for commercial (offices, hotels etc.), residential (houses, apartments etc.) or industrial applications (domestic hot-water production etc.).
  • Optimised for heating applications – leaving water temperature up to 65°C (without auxiliary heating), evaporator temperature down to -5°C and a COP of above 5.
  • Units are equipped with the latest generation R-410A scroll compressor, optimised for high-performance.
  • Large number of options: hydronic kits with or without variable water flow rate, reinforced sound insulation, stacking and connection of two units, or operation with low-temperature glycol solution down to -12°C. Unique combination of high performance and functionality in an exceptionally compact chassis.
  • The high temperature makes these units compatible with most heat sources, both in new and refurbished buildings and permits domestic hot water production in significant quantities (dual setpoint).
  • Units use weather compensation control and control four supplementary electric heating stages or a relief boiler.
  • Complete hydronic kit for both evaporator and condenser with different levels of available pressure, with variable or fixed speed.
  • Needle valve control for easier transition from the comfort mode to domestic hot water production using a collection tank (not supplied).
  • Reversibility by water flow inversion in the system.
  • Pro-Dialog+ control and compatibility with the Aquasmart system
  • Units available with connections at the top or at the rear.
  • Easy installation: small footprint, ideal for refurbished buildings, allows access in very tight plant rooms.
  • The variable water flow (VWF) technology of the variable-flow pump, optimises system operation and enhances energy efficiency.
  • Standard low sound level allows installation in any building type.
  • Soft starter*
  • Master/slave operation*
  • External disconnect handle*
  • Condenser insulation*
  • Low or high-pressure fixed or variable-speed single-pump hydronic module, evaporator side*
  • Low or high-pressure fixed or variable-speed single-pump hydronic module, condenser side*
  • JBus, BacNet and LON gateways*
  • Built-in DHW + space heating control*
  • High-temperature water production, condenser side, with glycol solution on the evaporator side*
  • Low sound level*
  • Units stackable*
  • Customer water connection at the top of the unit*
  • Evaporator and condenser screw or welded connection sleeves*
  • Remote user interface*
  • Heating System Manager types A, B and C: control of comfort heating (one or more zones) and domestic hot water production in installations where the 61WG is backed up by auxiliary boilers, electric resistance heaters or a district heating system**

*Option    **Accessory

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