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The 42N_S and 42N_E product ranges combine aesthetic and attractive design with versatility to satisfy any application need, from large office buildings or hotels to shops and residential applications.

This product series is characterised by concentrated, innovative technology, unusual for a fan coil. The result is a product that is easy to select and install.

The 42N_S is available with a new-generation three- or five-speed AC motor. The 42N_E is available with a variable-speed low energy consumption EC motor.

The range now includes eleven sizes, with air flows from 35 to 422 l/s (126 to 1520 m3/h). The Idrofan offers an ultra-low-noise option for applications where a low noise level is the most important selection parameter.

The Idrofan is available with two types of fans, a tangential fan for the smallest sizes and a centrifugal fan for all other sizes.

These versions are available in any combination, from cabinet models for floor, wall or under ceiling installation to models without cabinet for horizontal or vertical furred-in installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Eleven sizes with two-pipe, two-pipe changeover or four-pipe coil; air flow range 35-422 l/s, cooling capacity range 0.8-6.4 kW, heating capacity range 1.1-9.5 kW.
  • The 42N_S is available with a new-generation three- or five-speed AC motor. The 42N_E is available with a variable-speed low energy consumption EC motor.
  • Concealed or cabinet chilled-water fan coil system, designed for vertical and horizontal installation in a room or above a false ceiling.
  • Economical cooling and heating for hotels, commercial and residential applications.
  • Cabinet version complete with control terminal.
  • Combines aesthetic slim-line design with high installation flexibility.
  • Two fan types, a tangential fan for ultra-low noise level and a centrifugal fan for high air distribution system compatibility.
  • Factory-mounted PTC electric heater with low and high capacity settings.
  • Low hydraulic pressure drop with a valve mounted.
  • Quick installation with factory-mounted options (controls, valves).
  • LEC models enhance unit performance offering reduced energy costs, improved comfort, maximum flexibility and extended operating life.

Standard Controls

Electronic thermostat

  • Four versions, A, B, C and D, with potentiometer
  • EC versio, three configurable discrete speeds via 0-10 V signal
  • Automatic or manual three-speed selection
  • Automatic or manual change-over
  • Electric heat control
  • Comfort/economy/frost protection modes

HDB controller

  • Digital display or infra-red terminal
  • Unit grouping capability
  • Adjustable settings and parameters
  • Timer and daily scheduling

NTC communicating controller

  • Network communication
  • Aquasmart Evolution system compatible
  • IAQ and DCV management
  • Motorised blinds a lighting control
  • Supporting feet
  • Supporting feet and cover panel
  • Return air grille for cabinet unit
  • Rear closing panel
  • Cabinet on concealed units,
  • Discharge air sleeve (concealed units only)
  • Supporting brackets
  • A and B-type thermostats
  • Special installation kit
  • Cold draught prevention kit – all two-pipe sizes
  • Automatic changeover switch
  • Air sensor with 15 m cable
  • Water sensor kit with 15 m cable
  • Infrared remote controller and infrared remote receiver kit
  • ZUI1 or ZUI2 interface
  • SUI1 or SUI2 (with/without fan speed selection)

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