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Cooling capacity : 0.4-4.2 kW

Heating capacity : 0.5-5.0 kW

Air flow : 70-755 m³/h

  • Ductable unit for suspended ceiling or raised floor
  • Extra flat unit for better integration in renovation or new build projects
  • optimised energy consumption level
  • Flexible configuration to meet the different requirements of buildings
  • Managed comfort

This range exists in 3 casing sizes. Each size is available in:

  • 2 pipes, for heating and/or cooling mode
  • 2 pipe+ electrical heater, for heating and/or cooling + electrical mode
  • 4 pipe for cooling and heating mode


General description

  • New generation slimline ductable fan coil (150 mm high) which can be adapted to both the new build and renovation markets to gain height underneath the suspended ceiling and improve the well-being of occupants.
  • The 42EP is available for fitting either in a suspended ceiling or a raised floor
  • Equipped with an innovative fan combined with a low energy consumption (LEC) electronically commutated motor that meets the new building energy performance objectives thanks to auto-adaptive adjustment of the air flow rate from 0 to 100% ensuring perfect cooling and heating conditions in the room.

Configuration flexibility

Each size of the 42EP can be supplied

    • with free return and/or direct air supply
    • with a rectangular sleeve on the return and/or on the supply air
    • with return plenums and/or supply air plenums to meet the requirements of installations with spigots with a diameter of 125 mm

Stand alone thermostats 33T

2 types of thermostats:
  • Type C : a two-pipe application equipped with EC motors
  • Type D : four or two-pipe applications equipped with electric heating and EC motor

Wall-mounted controls can easily and discreetly be integrated into any room environment. The operating range goes from 10°C to 30°C.

NTC controller

  • PID controller
  • Carrier Communication Network (CCN) AQUASMART compatible
  • EC motor management
  • Combines energy saving with optimised comfort
  • IAQ management

WTC controller

  • Open communication protocol BACnet or LON
  • Communication PID controller
  • Large range of user interfaces
  • Manages the EC motor for optimised comfort
  • Manages a CO2 sensor to improve air quality
  • Optional lighting and/or blinds management modules

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