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Available in nine sizes the 39CPH air handling units are suitable for standard fresh air based ventilation and stringent application with low thermal bridge requirement such as low temperature, food industry and clean room applications.

The 39CPH range is equipped with the most efficient and reliable components available, including heat exchangers with up to 85 per cent efficiency, high efficiency direct drive fans and coils/filters with low pressure drops, to deliver outstanding performance, low specific fan power, low running costs and a long operational life.

An extensive range of options enables the units to be customised for use in all types of applications, including: commercial offices, industrial installations, shopping centres, airports, leisure centres, universities, clean rooms, supermarkets and the food industry.

The versatility of the range means it can be configured to suit the precise technical requirements of almost any application.

  • 50mm thick double skin casing with mineral wool insulation, thermal break, and smooth internal construction without protruding screws as required by EN 13053.
  • Eurovent certified, the 39CPH Airovision is a modular construction available in nine unit sizes that can be fully customised to provide the required performance for any application.
  • High quality components, including a wide range of filters, high efficiency heat recovery systems, fan assemblies, cooling and heating coils, humidifiers and sound attenuators.
  • The Airovision range also pays special attention to air quality and reduction of the energy required to cool, heat, humidify and supply the conditioned air.
  • Applications include leisure and event complexes, theatres, museums, libraries, offices, government institutions, shopping centres, educational stablishments, airports, department stores, clean rooms, supermarkets and the food industry.

Environmentally Sound

  • Best in class air leakage construction
  • Low energy usage due to optimised component selection
  • High efficiency heat recovery systems
  • Ecodesign Erp 2018 compliant

Environmentally SoundTechnical Specification (in accordance with EN1886)

  • Casing air leakage class L1 (-400 Pa/+700 Pa)
  • Mechanical casing strength class D1
  • Thermal transmittance class T2
  • Thermal bridging factor TB1
  • Filter bypass leakage class F9

  • Low leakage dampers
  • High efficiency direct drive fans (with AC or EC motors)
  • Humidification systems such as adiabatic, electro-boiler or resistive
  • High efficiency heat recovery systems such as run-around coils, plate heat exchangers and rotary thermal wheels
  • Large selection of filter classes (G4 to H14)
  • Water changeover or DX reversible coils
  • Wide range of coil material treatments available
  • Slideable droplet eliminator
  • Fully accessible 316L single slope or hygienic stainless steel drain pan
  • Sound attenuators
  • Wide selection of industry standard accessories

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