38RBS (40-162kW) Air-Cooled Condensing Units | Carrier UK
Carrier Air Conditioning provide UK Chillers, Bms System, heating controllers and aircon units
  • Eleven sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 40 to 162 kW.
  • Units integrate the latest technological innovations: ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A, scroll compressors, low-noise fans made of a composite material and auto-adaptive microprocessor control
  • Exceptionally quiet latest-generation Flying Bird 4 fans, made of a composite Fan motor controlled by a variable-frequency controller, to allow reduction of the fan speed, if the extra low noise option 15LS is selected. Rigid fan installation for reduced start-up noise (Carrier patent).
  • Low-noise, reliable scroll compressors with low vibration level. The compressor assembly is installed on an independent chassis and supported by anti-vibration mountings. Dynamic suction and discharge piping support, minimising vibration transmission (Carrier patent).
  • Refrigerant circuit includes all components for easy connection to a direct expansion air handling unit: filter drier, moisture sight glass, high and low pressure switch, as well as solenoid valves for pumpdown. Two independent refrigerant circuits from size 38RBS 140 onwards.
  • Increased energy efficiency at part load. The refrigerant circuit includes several compressors connected in parallel. At part load, around 99% of the operating time, only the compressors that are absolutely necessary operate. At these conditions the compressors operating are more energy efficient, as they use the total condenser and evaporator capacity.
  • Designed for year-round operation.
  • Electrical connections are simplified.
  • Exceptional endurance tests.
  • AHU Direct expension coil management from 39S0 controller with simple CCN bus connection.
  • Condenser anti-corrosion post­treatment for improved corrosion resistance in urban, industrial and rural environments
  • Condenser with pre-treated fins for improved corrosion resistance in marine environments
  • Very low noise level
  • Soft starter for reduced compressor start-up current
  • Winter operation for air temperatures between -10°C and -20°C
  • Suction and liquid line valves to isolate the unit from the rest of the refrigerant circuit
  • JBus, BacNet or LonTalk gateways
  • Remote Pro-Dialog+ user interface
  • Replaceable filter drier for easy filter replacement without emptying the refrigerant circuit
  • Temperature sensor kit
  • Master/slave direct CCN bus with 39SQ

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