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The reversible XP Energy air-to-water split system heat pumps with built-in inverter technology are designed for residential and light commercial applications. They offer excellent energy efficiency values, exceptionally quiet operation and meet the most stringent operating temperature demands. With exceptional energy efficiency values, the inverter air-to-water split-system heat pumps qualify for local tax reductions and incentive plans in all the EU countries.

  • Inverter-driven outdoor unit
  • Compact comfort module
  • System energy efficiency
  • Easy heating solution

General description

  • Wide operating range in both heating and cooling mode
  • DC inverter twin-rotary compressors
  • Variable-speed fans with an innovative patented fan blade shape ensure improved air distribution at exceptionally low noise levels
  • Pre-set or customized selection of the appropriate climate curve for stable output capacity to match the heat load
  • Output to link and integrate the unit with the existing heat sources offers a dual-energy approach, increased savings and optimum comfort in all weather conditions
  • Able to control two independent comfort zones with a twozone kit added to the main comfort module
  • Leaving water temperature up to 60 °C for radiator and domestic hot water applications, making hot water readily available

Adapted to your needs

  • Heating only or reversible comfort module
  • Backup heating, either electrical (single-energy applications) or gas boiler (dual-energy applications)
  • Comfort is ensured via the user interface and the possibility of integrating two leaving water temperature zones

Advanced technology

  • Electronic system management: Several sensors placed in key positions in the refrigerant circuit electronically detect the operational system status
  • Pulse modulation valve, a bi-flow electronic expansion device, optimizes the refrigerant amount in the circuit and the superheat, and prevents the refrigerant migration back into the compressor
  • The air management system, which consists of a propeller fan, orifice and an air discharge grille, guarantees minimized noise levels

Advanced performance

  • Extremely high energy efficiency ratio in both cooling and heating mode, ensuring significant energy savings
  • Efficiency at part-load conditions (seasonal energy efficiency) reaches the highest level in the industry
  • Year-round comfort, optimized individual comfort levels – both in winter and in summer
  • Wide temperature operating range
    • Units operate down to -20 °C outdoor temperature in heating mode
    • Units produce hot water up to 60 °C at up to 30 °C outside temperature

Environmental care

  • Non-ozone depleting refrigerant R-410A.
  • New packaging ensures high protection during transport and handling and is 100% recyclable

Fast and simple installation and service

  • Easy access to all internal components
  • Compact unit with an exceptionally small footprint
  • Reduced weight and a handle on the unit panels to facilitate transport
  • No additional buffer tank required

DC inverter twin-rotary compressor

  • Maximum energy-efficiency with high capacity available at peak conditions and optimized efficiency at low and mid compressor speeds
  • Compressor frequency is increased continuously up to the maximum level
  • Reduced vibration and noise, even at very low operating speeds
  • Twin-rotary cylinders, low vibrations and low load to the shaft ensure highest compressor reliability and a long trouble-free operating life

Superior reliability

  • Exceptional endurance tests
  • Third-party testing and certification: All the performances are certified by Eurovent and unit safety is certified by IMQ
  • All the units are tested at various stages on the production line for circuit leakage, electrical compliance, water and refrigerant pressures
  • Corrosion-resistant casing
  • Accelerated ageing test on critical components and complete assembled units
  • Extensive field and site testing

Economical operation

  • Increased energy efficiency at part load
  • Use of ambient air as primary source of energy in domestic heating applications significantly reduces the overall energy consumption and minimizes CO2 emissions
  • Night mode operation
  • Silent mode, easy-to-set and economical

Comfort module

  • Enhanced aesthetics and compactness
  • Domestic hot water production is made easy and can be interfaced with solar thermal panels

Domestic hot water tank

  • 200 or 300 liters
  • With or without connection to a solar thermal panel
  • Built-in electric heater backup
  • Anti-legionnella protection
  • Make domestic hot water readily available
  • Safe and energy-efficient

Two-zone kit

  • Two independent comfort zones easy to control
  • The kit includes a hydraulic disconnection collector, the necessary circulating pumps and modulating valve
  • Installed together with the domestic hot water tank, the two-zone kit can integrate all accessories, such as the diverting valve and T-connection

GMC board

The new GMC controller was specifically developed for the XP Energy inverter heat pumps, and incorporates new control algorithms. It features customized or predefined:
  • Climate curves
  • Domestic hot water control
  • Night-time noise reduction function
  • Defrost/alarm output signal
  • External heat source
  • Pump block prevention function
  • Freeze protection
  • Compressor operation management

User interface

  • Easy-to-use user interface with easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Enhanced control capability for maximized performance, reliability and indoor comfort
  • Extended programming features such as weekly scheduling
  • sleek contemporary design blends in with any room decor

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