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The 30XWHV water-sourced units are the premium solution for commercial and industrial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require maximum quality and optimal performances, especially at part load.

  • Low energy consumption
  • High reliability
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Minimized operating sound levels
  • Environmental care
  • Designed to support green building design

Available in both R134a and R1234ze

General description

  • Inverter-driven screw compressors
  • Touch Pilot control system
  • Flooded heat exchangers that are mechanically cleanable
  • Can provide an evaporator leaving temperature down to 3.3°C
  • Can deliver up to 50°C on the condenser side when operating as a heat pump

Low energy consumption

  • Designed for high performance both at full load and at part load
  • Inverter-driven twin-rotor screw compressors allow precise capacity matching of building load changes and significantly reduce unit power input, especially at part-load
  • Flooded multi-pipe heat exchangers for increased heat exchange efficiency
  • Electronic expansion device permits operation at a lower condensing pressure and improved utilisation of the evaporator heat exchange surface
  • Optimized electrical performance

High reliability

  • Increased global performance as well as Carrier’s acclaimed product quality and reliability
  • Major components are selected and tested to minimize failures possibility, as well as many design choices have been taken in this perspective
  • Inverter-driven screw compressors with oversized bearings and motor cooled by suction gas
  • The inverter is optimized for each compressor motor to ensure reliable operation and easy maintenance
  • All compressor components are easily accessible on site minimizing down-time
  • Two independent refrigerant circuits (from 1000 kW upwards); the second one automatically takes over, if the first one develops a fault, maintaining partial cooling under all circumstances
  • Auto-adaptive control
  • Exceptional endurance tests

Easy and fast installation

  • Compact design
  • Simplified electrical connections
  • Simplified water connections
  • Fast commissioning

Minimized operating sound levels

  • Low noise Greenspeed® variable-speed fans
  • The inverter technology used for the compressor motors minimizes noise levels at part load operation
  • Silencers on the compressor discharge line
  • Sound insulation on the components that are most subjected to radiated noise
  • Option 257 further reduces the global unit sound level

Environmental care

  • R-134a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential
  • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit

Designed to support green building design

  • A green building is a building that is environmentally sustainable and has been designed, constructed and is operated to minimize the total impact on the environment
  • The air conditioning system can use between 30 and 40% of the annual building energy consumption
  • A number of green building certification programs exist in the market and offer third-party assessment of green building measures for a wide variety of building types

Inverter-driven Thunderbolt screw compressor

  • Advanced control algorithms combine inverter frequency output with motor input logic to minimize mechanical part stress, resulting in best compression performance and high chiller reliability
  • Equipped with bearings with oversized rollers, oil pressure lubricated for reliable and durable operation, even at maximum load
  • Screw compressors use positive displacement principle to compress gases at higher pressure. As a result, in case of exceptional high temperature condenser side, the compressor does not switch off, but continues operation at reduced capacity (unloaded mode)
  • The silencer in the discharge line considerably reduces discharge gas pulsations for much quieter operation
  • Condenser includes an oil separator that minimizes the amount of oil in circulation in the refrigerant circuit and redirects it to the compressor function

Touch’Pilot control module

  • Touch Pilot Control

    • An intuitive and user-friendly, colored, 7″ Interface
    • Direct access to the unit’s technical drawings and the main service documents
    • Screen-shots with coincisive and clear information in local languages
    • Complete menu, customized for different users
    • Safe operation and unit setting
    • Simple and “smart” intelligence uses data collection from the constant monitoring of all machine parameters to optimize unit operation
    • Energy management
  • Remote Management (Standard)

    • Easily accessed from the internet
    • Multiple remote control, monitoring and diagnostic possibilities
    • Optional communication gateways
    • Condenser pumps control
    • Start/Stop of the machine
    • Dual set-point management
    • Demand limit setting
    • Water pump control
    • Operation visualization
    • Alarm visualisation

    Remote management (EMM option)

    • Extended remote control possibilities: room temperature, set-point reset, etc.
  • Light-brine solution, down to -3°C
  • Master/slave operation
  • Single power connection point
  • Evaporator pump electrical power / control circuit
  • Evaporator dual pumps electrical power / control circuit
  • Condenser pump power / control circuit
  • Condenser insulation
  • Service valve set
  • Lon, J-Bus or BacNet gateway
  • Condensing temperature limitation
  • Control for low condensing temperature systems
  • Leak detection
  • Low noise level
  • Fast capacity recovery


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