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The Aquaforce chillers with Greenspeed® Intelligence are the premium solution for commercial and industrial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require superior reliability and optimal performances, especially at part load.

The units are designed to operate at up to 50°C outside air temperature.

The 30XAV units are designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of energy efficiency, versatility and operating sound levels. This result is achieved through the optimised combination of proven best-in-class technologies that include:

– Exclusive high-efficiency variable-speed screw of the proven traditional Carrier twin-screw compressor design
– New Touch PilotTM control
– Variable-speed condenser fans
– Mechanically cleanable flooded evaporator
– Novation® heat exchanger with micro-channel coil technology.

As standard, the unit can provide an evaporator leaving temperature down to 3.3°C with proven operation for outdoor air temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C.

Furthermore, with 30XAV, Carrier offers its unique expertise and know-how to take care of the machine long after the sale. With the new “CARRIER® CONNECT” system, energy and facility managers and end-users in general can rely on the most qualified remote monitoring services.

  • Designed for commercial and industrial applications.
  • High performance, Carrier granted, at full and partial load.
  • New TOUCH PILOT smart control with intuitive and user-friendly 7 interface.
  • Greenspeed technology, both on compressors and fans, allows precise capacity matching of building load changes and significantly reduce unit power input, especially at part loads.
  • Exclusive inverter-driven screw compressors, an evolution of the proven Carrier fixed-speed screw compressor design.
  • Variable speed fans controlled to minimize noise and energy consumption at all conditions.
  • Operation granted up to 50°C outdoor air temperature.
  • Improved electrical performance: High power factor and negligible inrush current.
  • Independent and leak-tight refrigerant circuits.
  • EMC classification according to IEC 61800-3 class C2
  • Low noise level
  • MCHE anti-corrosion protections
  • Evaporator with aluminium jacket
  • BacNet over IP-connetion
  • Jbus, BacNet, LON gateways
  • Energy Management Module
  • Grilles and enclosure panels
  • Service valves
  • Evaporator with one pass less
  • 21 bar evaporator
  • Dual safety valves
  • Welded Victaulic evaporator water connections

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