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The Aquasnap range of liquid chillers/air-to-water heat pumps was designed for commercial (air conditioning of offices, hotels etc.) or industrial (low-temperature process units etc.) applications.

The Aquasnap integrates the latest technological innovations:

– Non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A
– Scroll compressors
– Low-noise fans made of a composite material
– Auto-adaptive microprocessor control
– Electronic expansion valve
– Variable-speed pump (option)

The Aquasnap can be equipped with a hydronic module integrated into the unit chassis, limiting the installation to straightforward operations like connection of the power supply and the chilled water supply and return piping.

  • Twelve sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 37 to 147 kW and nominal heating capacities from 42 to 159 kW.
  • Ductable Aquasnap heat pumps for commercial or industrial applications. Units include inverter fans to maximise EERs and COPs at all operating conditions.
  • Eurovent energy efficiency class A and B in cooling mode and A in heating mode (in accordance with EN14511-3: 2013).
  • Integrates the latest technological innovations: ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A, scroll compressors, low-noise fans made of a composite material, auto-adaptive microprocessor control, electronic expansion valve and variable-speed pump (option).
  • Available static pressure of up to 240 Pa for sizes 039 to 050 and 080 to 120, and up to 180 Pa for sizes 060 to 078 and 140 to 160.
  • Low-noise scroll compressors with low vibration level.
  • Vertical air heat exchanger coils with protection grilles on anti-vibration mountings.
  • Low-noise Flying Bird IV fans, made of a composite material. Rigid fan installation for reduced start-up noise.
  • Small unit footprint and a low height (1330 mm), enclosed by easily removable panels.
  • Simplified electrical connections.
  • Systematic operation test before shipment and quick-test function for step-by-step verification of the instruments, electrical components and motors.
  • Several compressors connected in parallel. At part load, around 99% of the time, only the compressors that are necessary operate, ensuring increased energy efficiency.
  • The electronic expansion device (EXV) allows operation at a lower condensing pressure (EER optimisation), and dynamic superheat management optimises the utilisation of the water heat exchanger surface.
  • Maintenance-free scroll compressors and fast diagnosis of possible incidents and their history via the Pro-Dialog+ control reduce maintenance costs.
  • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit.
  • Corrosion resistance tests, accelerated ageing test on compressor piping and fan supports and transport simulation test on a vibrating table in the laboratory.
  • Air heat exchanger with pre-treated fins
  • Very low noise level
  • Suction filters (30RQSY 039-078)
  • Soft starter (30RQSY 039-080 )
  • Partial heat reclaim
  • Frost protection down to -20°C
  • High- and low-pressure single and dual-pump hydronic modules with or without expansion tank
  • High-pressure variable-speed single-or dual-pump hydronic modules with or without expansion tank
  • JBus, BacNet and LonTalk gateways
  • Screw or welded water heat exchanger connection sleeves
  • Master/slave operation
  • Remote interface

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