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AquaSnap® – Air-cooled scroll chiller

Refrigerant : R-32

Compressor : scroll fixed-speed

Nominal cooling capacity : 170-940 kW

AquaSnap liquid chillers are the best solution for commercial and industrial applications where installers, engineering and design departments and building owners require reduced installation costs, optimal performance and the highest quality.

  • High full-load and part-load efficiency
  • Compact and simple to install
  • Low sound level
  • Low CO2 environmental foot print impact
  • Superior reliability

The AquaSnap liquid chillers feature two versions:
The AquaSnap 30RB- features a compact all-in-one package optimised for full-load applications where reduced investment cost si required. For cold or hot climates, the AquaSnap can be equipped with specific options to operate from -0°C up to +48°C.
The AquaSnap Greenspeed® 30RBP is a compact all-in-one package optimised for part-load applications where high SEER, SEPR and IPLV are required. Additionally, the low sound levels achieved under part-load conditions can be very beneficial for sensitive acoustic applications. The AquaSnap Greenspeed® operates from -20°C up to 48°C as standard.

SmartVu™ control

  • Energy management configuration
  • Night mode
  • Easy and high-speed comunication technology over Ethernet (IP) to a centralised building management system
  • F-gas regulation leak check reminder alert
  • 4.3-inch SmartVu™ user interface:
    • Intuitive and user-friendly 4.3 inch touch screen interface
    • Concise and clear information available in local languages
    • Information on Energy produce and consume, instantaneous & integrate values

Remote management (standard)

  • Easily accessed from the internet
  • Multiple remote control, monitoring and diagnostic possibilities
  • Start/Stop of the machine
  • Dual set-point management
  • User safety
  • Heat reclaim (option)
  • Operation indication
  • Alert indication
  • Alarm indication

Energy management module (optional)

  • Room temperature
  • Set-point reset
  • Demand limit
  • User safety
  • Ice storage end
  • Timer override
  • Out of service
  • Chiller capacity
  • Alert indication
  • Boiler control

Very economical operation

  • High unit full- and part-load energy efficiency and efficient design of the water side
  • Specific control functions to reduce unit cooling energy use during occupied and unoccupied periods
  • Greenspeed® variable-speed pump to reduce pumping energy consumption by up to two-thirds (option recommended by Carrier)
  • Extra energy savings through multiple options: direct expansion free-cooling without glycol on one or two refrigerating circuits, partial heat recovery
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Low sound level

  • Condenser with fixed-speed fans (30RB- models)
  • Condenser with Greenspeed® low noise variable-speed fans (30RBP models for even quieter operation)
  • Low noise 6th generation Flying Bird fans, made of composite material
  • Specific control functions or features to reduce noise level during the night or unoccupied periods

Quick and easy installation

  • Compact design
  • Integrated hydronic module (optional)
  • Built-in hydraulic module with Greenspeed® variable-speed pump (option recommended by Carrier)
  • Simplified electrical connections
  • Fast unit commissioning

Reduced installation costs

  • Optional Greenspeed® variable-speed pump with hydraulic module (option recommended by Carrier)
  • No buffer tank required

Environmentally responsible

  • R-32 non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Reduced direct warming potential:
    • Low R-32 refrigerant charge
    • Lower R-32 GWP (675)
    • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit with minimum brazed connections
    • Reduced unit energy use (high full- and part-load efficiency)
    • Pumping energy consumption can be reduced by up to 2/3 using Greenspeed® variable-speed pumps

Superior reliability

  • State-of-the-art concept
  • Auto-adaptive control
  • Exceptional endurance tests

Novation® aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers

  • Novation® microchannel coils technology
  • Extra-resistant aluminium alloy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Can be used in moderate marine and urban environments
  • Approximately 10% more efficient than a traditional coil
  • 40% reduction in the amount of refrigerant used in the chiller
  • Reduces air pressure losses by 50%
  • Can be cleaned very quickly
  • Coils corrosion protection
  • Medium or low temperature brine solution
  • Partial heat recovery
  • Very low noise level
  • Unit with ductable fans
  • Protection grilles
  • Hydraulic module with choice of pump
  • Water buffer tank module
  • Expansion tank
  • Frost protection
  • Lon, J-Bus or BacNet gateway
  • Master/slave operation
  • Free Cooling dry cooler management
  • Soft starter
  • 230V electrical plug
  • Compliance with Russian regulations
  • Welded exchangers connection kit

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