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The new generation of Aquasnap Puron chillers features refrigerant R410A, scroll compressors, low-noise fans and auto-adaptive microprocessor control. The Aquasnap can be equipped with an optional hydronic module which makes installation as straightforward as connecting the power supply and the chilled water inlet and outlet.

  • Four sizes (162 to 262) with plate heat exchanger and sixteen sizes (162 to 802) with shell-and-tube heat exchanger with cooling capacities from 162 to 774 kW.
  • Eurovent energy efficiency class (in accordance with EN14511-3: 2013) B to D
  • Aquasnap liquid chillers featuring the latest technological innovations and operating on the ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A.
  • All-aluminium micro-channel condenser (MCHE) for extra efficiency.
  • Integrated hydronic module (option) with water pump and expansion tank.
  • Low-noise scroll compressors with low vibration levels.
  • V-shaped condenser coils, allowing quieter air flow across the coil.
  • Low-noise 4th generation Flying Bird fans, now even quieter. Simplified electrical connections.
  • Fast commissioning, as all units are systematically run tested before shipment.
  • Economical operation with increased energy efficiency at part load and dynamic superheat management.
  • Leak-tight refrigerant circuit and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Auto-adaptive control algorithm and automatic compressor unloading for increased reliability.
  • Exceptional endurance tests.
  • Low leaving water temperature from +3°C to -10°C (162-402)
  • Units for indoor installation with discharge ducts
  • Low and very low noise levels
  • Grilles on all four unit faces
  • Enclosure panels each end
  • Electronic starter (162-522)
  • Winter operation to -10°C or -20°C
  • Evaporator (incuding water piping) and evaporator and hydronic module frost protection (162-522)
  • Partial heat reclaim
  • Total heat reclaim (262-522)
  • Master/slave operation
  • Main disconnect switch with or without fuse (302-802)
  • Evaporator (all) or evaporator a hydronic module (302-522) with aluminium jacket
  • Compressor suction valve (302-802) or suction & discharge valves (162-262)
  • High/low-pressure single/dual-pump hydronic modules (162-522)
  • JBus, BacNet or LonTalk gateways
  • DX free-cooling system (232-522)
  • Energy Management Module EMM
  • Fitted safety valves
  • Conforms to Australian codes
  • Unit storage above 48°C
  • MCHE anti-corrosion protection
  • Shell-and-tube evaporator (162-262)
  • Connection sleeve
  • Power cable connection side extension (302-802)

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