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Designed to perfectly meet the new requirements in terms of energy performance, acoustic comfort, refrigerant sustainability, low maintenance and total cost of ownership, the 19DV is the new standard for the medium cooling capacity centrifugal chiller market.

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Flexibility
  • Footprint


  • Advanced back-to-back two-stage compressor naturally balances both radial and axial thrust on shaft
  • Simple and robust ceramic bearing sys
  • High tier variable speed starter
  • Swift restart – 19DV can restart 30 seconds (with UPS) after power recovery


  • High speed direct drive motor reduces mechanical loss by 75% resulting from the removal of gear driven system
  • Pioneer falling film evaporator is designed for low pressure refrigerant, which performs a significantly enhanced heat transfer efficiency by mitigating submergence effect especially at part load conditions
  • High performance tubing with internally and externally enhanced fins
  • Greenspeed® variable speed control


  • PUREtec™ R-1233zd(E) is new non-Ozone Depletion Substances, the ultra low Global Warming Potential of ~ 1, non-flammability and non-toxicity refrigerant that provides a safe and environmentally steward solution to centrifugal chillers
  • Carrier pioneer falling film
  • evaporator design helps reduce the refrigerant charge significantly
  • Lower electrical power consumption
  • Significant reduction of related CO2  emissions


  • System layout of 19DV chillers is well optimized and specific crescent shape economizer is designed to best leverage the space between evaporator and condenser that brings up to -15% smaller footprint versus legacy R-123 unit
  • Patented re-locatable control panel could be installed at any of the four corners of the chiller, which makes the layout of chillers more flexible to fit the site conditions
  • Bolt together modular design is ideal for retrofit project or installation in limited place
  • Miscellaneous optional offerings (such as marine water box) help to facilitate daily maintenance on jobsite


  • Low noise Greenspeed® variable-speed fans
  • Refrigerant-cooled hermeti
  • c motor, no gear driven, optimized flow channel and 60% impeller speed of legacy design, all these features contribute to reduce refrigerant airflow noise
  • Greenspeed® variable speed control adaptively turns down impeller speed at part load for better acoustic performance


  • PIC5+ intelligent control – color touch screen, intuitive menu, animated component level interface, graphic trending, auto pushed alarm mail, smart password and more than 10 languages for choice
  • Multiple remote access methods present the users a flexible way to monitor and control chillers
  • Online data management and analysis, daily and key performance reports, prognostics and preventative maintenance

Carrier PIC5+ Control System – Intelligent colorful Touch Screen

  • Strong control and monitoring function during chiller operation
  • 10.4″ high resolution touch screen
  • Real time display of operation parameters
  • User friendly
  • Simulates and monitors chiller operation
  • Adjusts cooling or heating capacity according to load change
  • Effective failure diagnostic: alarm records can be automatically saved, email alarm function
  • Smart password to avoid any setting change without authorization

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