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For all cases where power grid is either not available on site or not extensively developed, or where thermal energy sources (water or steam) are available on site, Carrier offers a complete range of absorption chillers.

  • Twenty-one sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 90 to 4000 kW.
  • Designed to provide chilled water from waste heat sources, generated from industrial processes and cogeneration systems.
  • Allows diversification of critical cooling requirements. Critical cooling loads are met with minimal electrical power input taking advantage of hot water sources available on site.
  • Allows use of smaller emergency generators since the electrical load associated with an absorption chiller is minimal, compared to an electrically driven chiller.
  • Cooling requirements are met without use of refrigerants.
  • Minimises global warming effect by greatly reducing power consumption and eliminating the generation of greenhouse gases.
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels. The absorption chiller does not use a large motor-compressor, leading to quiet, trouble-free operation.
  • Small footprint. The high efficiency associated with these chillers results in a reduction of the required installation space.
  • Auto-diagnosis system monitors operating conditions, predicts chiller information and maintains stable operation.
  • Advanced high-precision control system.
  • Absorption pump with inverter control (option) for energy-saving operation.
  • High-performance purge system maintains unit performance and minimises maintenance requirements.
  • State-of-the-art protection devices guarantee enhanced operating safety.
  • Display and control board
    • Operation indication
    • Stop indication
    • Alarm indication
    • Remote/local select button
    • Operation mode selection
    • Data display
    • Stand-by indication
    • Dilution indication
    • Safety circuit indication
    • Power indication

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