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Ecodesign Lot 6 for Ventilation Units

The EU Directive 2009/125/CE is establishing a framework for the setting of Ecodesign requirements for Energy related Products (ErP). Since 2008 more than 25 products specific regulations set energy performance standards for new products placed on the market, eg: refrigerators, freezers, TV sets, dish washers, fans, air conditioners …and more recently boilers & heat pumps. These regulations will lead to an annual energy saving of more than 1000 TWh at 2020 horizon and will contribute to the achievement of 20% energy savings target versus 1990.

Product regulations are applicable in all EU member states; compliance with the requirements is the responsibility of the manufacturer and an obligation for CE marking.

The new regulation N° 1253/2014 is addressing the energy performance of ventilation units and sets energy performance requirements for complete unit including fans, filters and a Heat Recovery System. From January 1st 2016 all new ventilation units placed on the market in the EU shall conform to the applicable requirements. The ecodesign efficiency measures will be become increasingly more stringent from 1st January 2018.

The purpose of the Ecodesign Regulation is to ensure that products are energy efficient. Carrier focuses on innovative technologies to develop high performance products thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle.

For several months Carrier has been working to anticipate the impact of this new regulation, thus ensuring conformity of products delivered from January 1st 2016. Carrier AHU selection software is modified to generate the required performance calculations thereby ensuring regulatory compliance.

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