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A tool for sustainable building operations

Facility and energy managers now have a powerful tool to minimise energy consumption, maximise comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations.

Carrier’s Energy Reports web application is an incredibly flexible and easy-to-use reporting tool that uses the WebCTRL system’s extensive trending capabilities for metering energy consumption and our Environmental IndexTM feature for measuring comfort.

EnergyReports In Detail

EnergyReports is a web application that runs concurrently with the WebCTRL system, offering access to key environmental reports using your favourite browser. All consumption and demand data for electricity, gas, oil, steam, or chilled water is stored in a dedicated industry standard database. Metered energy sources are easily configured and assigned to building or area levels in the EnergyReports webapp user tree.

Designed for use in single or multiple-building campuses, the EnergyReports webapp plugs directly into existing WebCTRL systems with minimal setup, and it is ideal for WebCTRL system retrofit or new construction projects. Animated graphical icons make selection of energy types, meters for different energy types and sub-metered sources easy.

An Intelligent Tool

The EnergyReports webapp enables users to compare energy consumption or demand over different periods with drop-down
menus or to create custom periods using the calendar control. Dynamic and animated three-dimensional colour graphs are quickly rendered in bar, line, pie, or tabular data format. A single mouse click enables the user to normalise consumption data, convert to cost in terms of currency or carbon dioxide emissions or change engineering units on the fly.

Energy consumption can be benchmarked and compared to validated data or to similar buildings in your area using a simple animated toolbar. Similarly, occupied vs. unoccupied building energy usage can be differentiated visually. Cooling Degree Days and/or Heating Degree Days are calculated automatically and displayed graphically over the review period with a single mouse click.

Balancing Sustainability

Soaring energy prices and a growing environmental consciousness have renewed everyone’s focus on minimising building energy consumption and maximising energy efficiency. Facility managers know too well that sacrificing human comfort
costs even more in terms of lost productivity and revenue. Our Environmental Index feature provides a simple and effective solution for measuring comfort in a building or space because energy efficiency must be balanced with comfort.

The EnergyReports webapp can display energy consumption with the Environmental Index feature, enabling a direct comparison of energy efficiency to comfort. Achieving sustainable building operation becomes much easier with the EnergyReports webapp.

And to make operations even easier, the EnergyReports webapp includes a Report Manager so that recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly reports can be scheduled and automatically sent to designated personnel via email in Adobe PDF and/or Microsoft Excel format. Archived reports can be custom labelled, sorted by author and easily retrieved using the integrated Report Manager.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Animated energy consumption or demand reports available in 3D bar, line, pie chart, or tabular data
  • Easy and convenient access using multiple Internet browsers
  • Attractive and intuitive user interface with system tree display designed for simplicity of use
  • Energy consumption can be normalised by area or converted to other engineering units (ex. CO2)
  • Includes occupied/unoccupied usage, Cooling Degree Days (CDD) and Heating Degree Days (HDD), low-median-high data, and benchmark data for comparison
  • Integrates the Environmental Index feature into energy reports, enabling you to intelligently compare efficiency with comfort
  • Adobe Acrobat® and Microsoft Excel® reports generated on both client and server archive
  • Easily installs on existing WebCTRL system server – no additional server or integration with third-party software required
  • Integrated Report Manager for scheduling reports on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
  • Supports energy and water sub-metering
  • Existing utility data can easily be imported via Excel®
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