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Intelligent buildings mean effective energy savings

Control your building with intelligent, energy-saving strategies. Reduce operating costs. Maintain a comfortable and productive work environment. And back it up with data that proves you’re on track with your sustainability goals.

Our system delivers a total building controls solution that puts you in complete control of your energy program. There’s no need for add-ons or third party software. From measuring occupant comfort to powerful reporting and lighting control, our system does it all.

  • Your buildings can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your favourite browser
  • Powerful integrated control strategies, capable of supporting a wide variety of third-party building level systems and assets
  • Unique building diagnostics including time-lapse graphics for instant replay of events

Maximising energy efficiency

Today, nothing is more important to successful building operations than meeting the challenges caused by economic pressures and government mandates to save energy. We know all too well how energy decisions can impact comfort, and comfort can impact productivity.

At Carrier, our systems provide effective workplace comfort and crucial energy savings. We control HVAC, lighting, central plant and critical processes. We integrate environmental, energy, security and safety systems into powerful management tools.

And with our web based technology we provide building managers with global access to building
performance information – any place at any time.

Integrated technology for optimum comfort and efficiency

Your business, your building and your people are unique, so your integrated building energy management system should be too. At Carrier our work begins with firstly understanding the specific needs of your managers. We then assign the resources and expertise needed to develop your project from concept design through construction, and ultimately deliver a long term automated controls solution uniquely tailored to your business.

All the building controls tools you need

Carrier’s web based automated building controls system provides local to global energy management and control – from single-user, single-site to multi-user, multi-site, even multi-server installations from anywhere in the world.

Our web based system is fully integrated. It not only saves energy but saves on operational expenses whilst helping you to balance your sustainability – energy savings versus occupant comfort.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Set Point Optimisation – calculates optimum setpoint values based on actual operating requirements
  • Optimum Start – assures comfortable settings at time of occupancy based on building conditions and system capacity
  • Demand Reduction – reduces energy use on a short term basis in response to utility pricing, billing criteria, regional consumption, etc.
  • Thermographic Colour Floor Plans – show a quick understanding of facility-wide comfort and operating conditions
  • Hierarchical and Group Scheduling – supports customised, graphically displayed schedules for building, floors, zones or equipment groups
  • Trending – enables operators to track and troubleshoot building conditions
  • Logging/Reporting – extracts and formats operating data from a browser to Adobe Acrobat®, Microsoft Excel® and other applications with a single click
  • Logical Alarming – generates alarms and notifies users following a specified sequence of events

Whatever your requirements we have the resources, expertise and practical know–how to ensure a complete and responsive solution.

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