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LEATHERHEAD, United Kingdom, May 5, 2010 — Four recent changes in climate change policy, including the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme and European Standard 378, have led to an increase in demand for Carrier Corp.’s energy efficient water source heat pumps. Carrier Corp. is a world leader in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry and a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

While the latest report from BSRIA – the specialist consultancy for construction and building services – has shown a decline in sales across the HVAC industry, the water source console market is bucking the trend by continuing to grow, with Carrier reporting an increase in demand for its water source heat pump (WSHP) units. A water source heat pump is a self-contained water-cooled packaged heat pump unit. The typical water source heat pump system consists of number of WSHP units, dry air cooler, a boiler, water-circulating loop and associated water-circulating pumps.

Filiz Clerkson, product manager with Carrier stated, “While the technology is not new, we are definitely experiencing increased interest in our energy efficient WSHP units, largely due to legislative forces. We have, for example, recently won a major £1 million contract at a Scottish college, and as we have other projects in the pipeline, we expect this growth to continue.”

Carrier has two core water source heat pump product ranges – console and horizontal. The 50KQE, Carrier’s console water source heat pump range, offers excellent design flexibility as there are five capacity sizes to meet individual zone needs efficiently and effectively. Standard and extended operating range units are available to suit a variety of application requirements. Low operational costs help users conform to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

The 50RHE, Carrier’s horizontal water source heat pump range, is also a high performance range. These units are best suited for ceiling mounted applications and are commonly used in office buildings, apartments, schools, and hotels. They do not have to be inspected regularly for refrigerant leaks as they contain less than the minimum amount of refrigerant required by F-Gas regulations, thereby leading to lower maintenance costs

WSHP units are available in many sizes and configurations to meet space needs. Since units are small, they can be located in ceiling voids or under windows and require less space when compared to alternative systems. The WSHP system utilizes packaged equipment with minimal duct work, and piping and controls are simple. WSHP systems require a single circulating piping system, and the piping does not need to be insulated.

In replacement projects, the convenience of installing WSHP units results in low cost and fast completion. One of the units can be easily removed from the system while the rest of the system continues to function properly, reducing down time. This is a great benefit when replacing existing R22 systems.

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