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Carrier Corporation has unveiled its high-end consultancy and equipment service for building owners.

The service promises to optimise whole building heating, cooling and energy.

The Advantec Solutions Centre promises a ‘completely new approach’ to HVAC specification, based on viewing the building as an integrated system and using bespoke energy modelling tools.

The approach has already produced startling results on a commercial high-rise in Paris, where energy has been slashed to 25kWh per sq m against a previous benchmark of 100kWh/sq m, using a distributed water loop and water-to-water heat pumps on every floor.

Advantec’s director Michel Grabon said “By starting with the building, we aim to find solutions no-one else can solve.”

He said: “Buildings have changed but air-conditioning specification and equipment has basically remained the same. We are moving from an equipment based approach to a system-based approach to offer a unique optimised solution to the building owner, based on equipment, controls and our own algorithms. Very few people are talking about whole system approaches.”

Mr Grabon said that Advantec had had to move beyond the manufacturer’s traditional role of selecting its best-matched equipment in its range for an application, to offer more holistic solutions, “It was difficult to do for Carrier as a component manufacturer, so we have taken the best engineers in the company and said ‘let’s forget about portfolios, let’s talk about solutions.’ It is not a case of trying to sell what we have.”

The result was the creation of a bespoke ‘virtual building’ which could model the heating and cooling requirements throughout the year. “We reproduced a year of operation so we could understand the building’s energy, then change the configurations to see the different impacts.”

Mr Grabon said that the business aimed to address the key elements of energy cost, energy density, sustainability and first and lifecycle cost by optimising system architecture, the best existing components and where necessary developing new technology, such as the water-to-water heat pumps.

Avantec has also installed a successful prototype for a data centre which would double its power density to 3 kW per sq m, using a dedicated fan coil for each computer and liquid Co2 as refrigerant. The full version is being installed this month, said Mr Grabon. “It will be the first data centre to achieve 3 kW.”

Phillipe Delpech president of Carrier Refrigeration and European HVAC president noted that the opportunity for energy saving in buildings ought to be huge. “It will have taken only 40 years to go from a global population of 3 billion to 7 billion. If we think we can continue to use energy as we have been, we are wrong. And around 16 per cent of that global energy is used in the HVAC.

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