The Latest Modular IdroFan Coil Units from Carrier UK
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Carrier UK recently introduced the newest generation of IdroFan hydronic ducted fan coil units, offering a large range of sizes and air distribution configurations to match many applications. In France, these units will be distributed by Carrier France. The fully modular 42NL and 42NH units are designed to adapt to all room sizes and configurations.

The newest generation of IdroFan hydronic ducted fan coils are available in two versions – a low external static pressure capability 42NL unit or a high external static pressure capability 42NH unit – which cover cooling capacities from 0.50kW to 10kW. Aside from modularity, the units are also designed for quick and easy installation, in any type of ceiling and are ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, offices, hospitals and restaurants. The units offer direct access to the main components for easy maintenance and complete compliance with local building regulations.

The IdroFan range also offers advanced options that may result in energy savings. The optional low energy consumption (LEC) motor reduces fan coil energy consumption by up to 50 percent, making it easier to meet applicable building energy management regulations. Energy savings can also be realized from the new water terminal controller (WTC), which controls the water valve and fan speed simultaneously for additional energy savings.

The comfort of building occupants is also addressed by the new IdroFan units. The LEC motor features a variable fan speed control that ensures quieter operation compared to a multi-speed motor. Using the LEC, the airflow is also automatically adjusted, in order to meet the occupants’ needs.  Additionally, with a Carrier WTC, the maximum fan speed can also be controlled to optimize sound levels even further.

“With the 42NL and 42NH units, Carrier succeeded in offering one single product with custom-made configurations to address multiple applications,” said Didier Genois, director, engineering and marketing, Carrier HVAC Europe.

42NL & 42NH Idrofan Brochure

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