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Air-to-Water Heat Pumps
Part No. 30AWH004HD 30AWH012HD 30AWH015HD
Cooling 3.3kW 10.24kW 13.04kW
Heating 4.0kW 11.86kW 14.46kW
Our heat-pumps integrate the latest technology innovations: Non-ozone depleting refrig-erant, DC inverter twin rotatory compressors, low-noise fan and microprocessor control.
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Air-Cooled Mini Chillers
Part No. 30RB012-9 30RB-021DF----- 30RB-033DF----- 30RB-033CO-----*
Cooling 12kW 21kW 33kW 33kW
  • – Non-zone depleting refrigerant - R410a
  • – Scroll or Rotary Compressor
  • – Low-noise fans
  • – Auto-adaptive microprocessor control
*without hydronic module
Carrier Air Con
Air-Cooled Mini Chillers
Part No. 30RBS-039B 30RBS-060B 30RBS-080B 30RBS-100B 30RBS-120B 30RBS-160B
Cooling 40kW 58kW 79kW 97kW 114kW 156kW

Features of the 30RBS Range:

  • – Non-zone depleting refrigerant - R410a
  • – All Aluminium microchannel heat exchangers
  • – Scroll compressors
  • – Low-noise fans made of composite material
  • – Variable speed Pump (Included)
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Prices are indicative and all reasonable offers considered on first come first served basis! Prices exclude delivery & commissioning, pricing on application.

Subject to stock availability. Offer may be withdrawn at any time and without notice. Chillers include hydronic modules, with exception marked*.

Please contact office for a full list of factory fitted options. Cooling mode conditions: evaporator water entering/leaving temperature 12°C/7°C, outside air temperature 35°C. Heating mode conditions: Water heat exchanger water entering/leaving temperature 30°C/35°C.

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