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Carrier, Committed to Enviromental Responsibility

At Carrier, sustainability leadership is something that comes naturally. The company’s founder, Willis Carrier, was an inventor – his brand pioneered our industry and his products changed the world. And along the way, a focus on sustainability and preserving natural resources has endured as a guiding principle.

Natural leadership

Whether developing efficient, new products, building green factories or enhancing operations, Carrier has often been the first to reach new milestones in sustainability.
But leadership means more than being first. It means consistently getting better.
So Carrier innovates and sets more aggressive goals. It improves everything it does, every day. From fuelling the green building movement globally to improving the cold chain and feeding a growing planet, Carrier is making our world a better place to live in today and for generations to come.
Carrier is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products and solutions and reducing energy consumption:

✔ High performance design ✔ Minimized refrigerant charge ✔ Life cycle approach
The impact of the machines on global warming is mainly due to the primary energy used for their operation.

Carrier designs products that achieve optimized energy performance throughout the year and limit the indirect release of CO2 associated with the consumption of electricity.

Since 2011, a new generation of microchannel is available: Novation® Microchannel.

– Up to 50% refrigerant charge reduction vs. traditional Cu/Al (copper/aluminium) coils

-Better thermal performance, better efficiency and lower air pressure drop vs. Cu/Al coils

Carrier continues to work towards the reduction of refrigerant charge in its products and includes this as a key performance indicator for all new product developments.

Carrier products are extensively tested and maintained to a very high level, thanks to an extended service offering to ensure the best performance during the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Advanced monitoring solutions continuously collect information from equipments to anticipate and prevent loss of performance or any damage, optimizing the lifetime of the equipment.

The Carrier CO²NSERVATION Meter

Introduced in 2010 the Carrier CO²NSERVATION Meter calculates avoided greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the installation of high efficiency Carrier air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems by customers around the world since 2000. In 2014, the Carrier CO²NSERVATION Meter reached 160 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases saved, the equivalent of:
More than 33,000,000 vehicles removed from the road for one year, 22,000,000 home electricity use saved for one year
*According to the United States Enviromental Protection Agency Green Power Equivalency Calculator, the model compares the projected GHG emissions from select Carrier products to emissions from comparable baseline products with the difference representing the avoided emissions. The meter also incorporates energy savings as measured from energy service contracts.


Download the HFO Puretec brochure here

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