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Our new Airostar 39SQ energy recovery units have been designed specifically to provide efficient fresh air solutions for buildings of all types from a standard unit. Fresh air units with energy recovery are a major step towards improving building efficiency and can improve energy savings.

The new units will achieve 30 per cent energy savings with thermal efficiencies between 54 and 86 per cent

Airostar 39SQ energy recovery units are available in two variations:

In addition to ‘highly significant’ efficiency savings, this new generation AHU with energy recovery comes with a wide range of benefits. It ranges in size from 2500 to 18000 m³/h, and all units bar one are delivered from the factory in one piece for ease of installation. Units longer than three metres can be separated on site for ease of access.

Airostar 39SQ units can be selected for either indoor or outdoor installation. The supply duct connection can either be at the top or the bottom; airflow direction can be selected for left-hand or right-hand service access, and optional isolating dampers—with or without actuators—are available for extract or fresh air intakes.

In addition to energy recovery the 39SQ also has to deliver on indoor air quality. That is why Carrier has factored in F7 efficiency filters on all units on exhaust and supply air streams. The 39SQR has a 500mm bag filter, while the 39SQP has a100mm pleated air filter. The filter racks are equipped with a manual locking device to ensure perfect air tightness, and there is an optional service chamber between heating and cooling units.

The new units also feature improved air management systems, supply air cooler and a re-heater in the state-of-the-art, next generation 39SQ product that hits UK shores in June 2010.

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