Energy Performance Inspections and Upgrades and EPBD

Carrier Service can you show you how efficiency equals savings.

Carrier energy inspections can be completed in line with EPBD TM44 document ‘inspection of air conditioning systems’ to ensure you are compliant with the new legislation. The added benefit of our inspection will be the identification of energy saving initiatives whilst maintaining system performance requirements.

    Carrier energy inspectors can help you lower your building’s energy consumption by:
  • Improving Supply and extraction of air techniques
  • Optimizing zoning, control and time strategies
  • Improving motor and drive efficiency
  • Improving Cooling efficiency
  • Advising improved maintenance strategies
  • Improved energy efficiency with proper maintenance and calibration could increase HVAC equipment efficiency by up to 25%.
    In addition energy consumption can be reduced by a further 25 to 40% using the latest Carrier equipment upgrades such as:
  • Variable speed drive retrofits for chillers, air handlers, and pumps
  • Latest chiller technology using Carrier patented free cooling systems
  • Replacement air conditioning units that comply with the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA)

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