Moduline Air Diffusers


The 37AG is suitable for all types of offices, commercial premises, hospitals etc and for use in conjunction with integrated ceilings. Due to its small physical size and high capacity the 37AG unit is the basis of many VAV systems. As with the other models it can operate as a slave or, with the addition of a controller as a master unit. The controller can be added on-site provided there is access through the false ceiling. 37AG units can sit astride partitions. When the partitions are moved the terminals can usually remain undisturbed.


This air diffuser offers three types of terminals with nominal air flows from 19 to 236 l/s.  It has a wide range of capacities, weights and physical dimensions with air distribution and air volume flow control, constant or variable volume are integrated in the terminal itself.


With a height of only 170 mm this is the smallest unit in the Moduline range. It is used where the false ceiling void is very shallow. Refurbishments and older buildings are typical applications for the 37AS. Its main characteristics are the same as those of the 37AG. With one connection spigot and one stopped end, 37AS units cannot be connected in series.

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