3V Packaged Control System (VVT)

This system is designed to allow a service person or building owner to configure and operate it. Flexible for every application, the system maintains precise temperature control by regulating the flow of conditioned air into the building.

Aquasmart Evolution

The Aquasmart Evolution is an advanced control system that integrates hot/cold water chillers and heat pumps with indoor units in a controlled environment. The simple, user friendly System Manager can control up to 128 indoor units with total capacities of 5 kW to over 500 kW.

Carrier Comfort Network (CCN)

Carrier offers a complete line of network system products that tie multiple stand-alone products together for a fully integrated, self adjusting HVAC system.

Comfortview III software

The primary human software interface to the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN). Designed to run on any PC utilising the Microsoft Windows 2000 professional, XP professional operating systems.

Other Controls - Building Integrated Systems

HVAC, Energy, Lighting, Security and Safety from plant room systems to boardroom strategies, Carrier makes buildings easier to operate and control.

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