Factory, Quality and Testing

Around the world Carrier has 18 sophisticated design centres and 101 factories with high tech equipment, and the most efficient manufacturing processes that only the best quality tested products are shipped to the customer. 

    Manufacturing locations :


  • Split Systems - Italy
  • Air and Water cooled Chillers – France
  • Fan Coil Units – France and Italy
  • Packaged Units – Turkey
  • Air Handling Units – Holland
  • Air Heat Exchangers – Finland


Factory, Quality and Testing

Dedicated Test Laboratory in France

Carrier’s ‘Paul Quentin’ laboratory (download further details) in Montluel (Lyon) is the central point for product engineering and design. Tests carried out in the laboratory are performed under actual operating conditions. The laboratory has many other functions, as detailed below.

  • Developing new products
  • Customer witness tests
  • Mastering new technology and developments
  • Prototype assembly and modification
  • Qualification tests
  • Special/large units assembly
  • Production support (run tests, check-up, quality)
  • Performance, reliability, acoustical and vibration level tests

For further details on our dedicated test laboratory, download our brochure (900K).

Carrier offer the broadest range of systems in the industry from 2 kW to 5 MW and have over 350 patents awarded in the US alone (2001-2004), twice the number of its nearest competitor.

Factory, Quality and Testing
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