Corporate Social Responsibility

Carrier’s growth and success has been built on a foundation of trust – in the quality of our products and services, in the dedication of our people, and in the many ways we contribute to the well-being of our communities. This is directly in line with the corporate philosophy of Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Our commitment to corporate responsibility infuses every aspect of our business. We consistently pursue fair and ethical standards, whether delivering products and services to our customers, forging relationships with industry partners, or fostering the personal and professional development of our employees.

Carrier actively supports the communities where we live and work through community service and charitable contributions.  We believe that giving back in support of the communities where we live and do business – through community service and charitable contributions – is a fundamental aspect of our business.

As the world’s largest provider of heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, we believe market leadership obligates environmental leadership. Focused on reducing the impact of manufacturing operations across the globe, Carrier has set the industry standard for environmentally sound business practices and a commitment to sustainability across its products, production, people and processes.

Carrier provides comfort to homes, productivity to offices, and controlled climates for scientific research, medicine, surgery, hi-tech manufacturing and historical preservation, to name a few. We also preserve the global food supply with refrigerated transportation, storage and display cases for safe, fresh consumption.

We’re the largest provider of these systems in the world, and we believe market leadership obligates environmental leadership. We are committed to achieving measured sustainability in every aspect of our business.

In the last decade, green was about products. And that was great because look how far we’ve come with buildings across the world. In the next decade, green will be about companies who aggressively meet the environmental challenges we face by demonstrating a total commitment to sustainability. Carrier is striving for this new space on the map where the holistic green movement will elevate environmental responsibility to a whole new dimension.

Carrier is proud of its environmental achievements.

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